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Sanjay Togadiya
Username: sanjaytogadiy
First Visit: Nov 15, 2019
Last Visit: Fri, Nov 15, 2019, 1:57am
Your name(s):Sanjay Togadiya
How would you best describe your connection to LCM at KSU:Other
Please share a story about your time with Lutheran Campus Ministry or describe how LCM made a difference to you or a student you knew… :I like to share my knowledge of ERP development using the "Ultimate guide of ERP" book. I also implement my knowledge of ERP software development. You can check it from my RK Infotech web.
May we share your story in our promotional materials:No, thank you.
What year(s) were you involved in LCM at KSU:2014
Please consider supporting us at one of the following levels:No Thank You.
May we add you to our mailing list:No Thank You.
Email Address:[email protected]
Your Mailing Address:For contacting me you can visit my company web page or you can use [email protected]

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