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Nizmy Klein
Username: nizmyklein
First Visit: May 6, 2019
Last Visit: Tue, May 7, 2019, 12:11pm
Your name(s):Nizmy Klein
How would you best describe your connection to LCM at KSU:Someone who cares about students
Please share a story about your time with Lutheran Campus Ministry or describe how LCM made a difference to you or a student you knew… :Nizmy Klein is a passionate and enthusiastic qualified PTE academic trainer at English 2 Language. With a passion for reading and learning, he is responsible for all the awesome stuff related to PTE exam preparatory material that gets published on this blog. He is a dedicated blogger to helping people look for excellent PTE short answer questions information online. He's always found the PTE exam preparation to be both interesting and fascinating.
May we share your story in our promotional materials:Yes, and feel free to include my name!
Please consider supporting us at one of the following levels:No Thank You.
May we add you to our mailing list:No Thank You.
Email Address:[email protected]

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