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L & S Language Academy
Username: lslanguageaca
First Visit: Dec 9, 2019
Last Visit: Mon, Dec 9, 2019, 2:38am
Location:Kolkata, WB
Your name(s):L & S Language Academy
How would you best describe your connection to LCM at KSU:Alumn
Please share a story about your time with Lutheran Campus Ministry or describe how LCM made a difference to you or a student you knew… :L & S Language Academy L&S Language Academy is teaching various languages proudly in Kolkata for so long. At present it is one of the best language education institutes in Kolkata. Different languages are taught here e.g. English, German, Spanish, French, Arabic etc. We give our service among the different age groups as well as different professions. Many of our students are well established in their own lives today. Through our course - kids or school student, office workers, housewives or retired persons can also benefited. This course will show a new direction, especially for housewives or retired person. So if you want to establish yourself as a successful person, L&S Language Academy is always there to help you. We use different methods for mastering each language by experienced teachers.L&S Language Academy has become one of the best language academy due to its good and friendly behavior, product knowledge, team work and affordable price. Contact Information:Contact No.:  +91 628 912 4658 E-mail Id: [email protected] Address: 1 No Airport Gate, 24/2 Motilal Colony, Land Mark - Bank of Boroda ATM, Kolkata - 700028, P.S - Dumdum Website :
May we share your story in our promotional materials:Yes, and feel free to include my name!
What year(s) were you involved in LCM at KSU:1
Please consider supporting us at one of the following levels:No Thank You.
May we add you to our mailing list:Yes, Paper only
Email Address:[email protected]
Your Mailing Address:[email protected]


L & S Language Academy
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